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Job Readiness

Job security is one of the most important variables when it comes to individuals and families being able to rise up and out of poverty. When incomes are stabilized, there is hope for a better future. Employment offers people the dignity and confidence they need to have faith in themselves and in their own capacity to provide for their families.

Systematic changes take time. We tackle problems head on. We offer job training, financial literacy, basic skills, and vocational guidance. We also offer support for ex-felons who have served their time but who are finding it difficult to be hired. In addition to our vocational services, we help them pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

We believe that communities are strengthened by residents who are eager and prepared to take the important next steps to fulfill their dreams. We give them the tools to do just that!

  • Hope is always renewable

  • Providing pathways to success

  • Job security – the foundation of a better life

  • Strengthening communities through job training

  • Helping people help themselves

  • Vocational training for families at-risk

  • Opening doorways to success

  • We never give up!


Community Partners

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