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 In partnership with Movement Church Charlotte we now offer counseling sessions through both individual and group sessions, clients experience clarity, release, and freedom from emotional, and mental.  Classes on mindfulness, meditation, and energy serve to refuel and reset individuals, couples, and families. With a primary emphasis on the LGBTQ community, We serve the needs of all who seek a holistic, spiritual approach to individual, couple, and family wellness.  All clients are treated with respect to individual spirituality or lack thereof.

Our Staff

Bishop Ra’Shawn received his license to preach the gospel in September 2001 and was ordained in 2006. Over the years God has allowed him to connect with phenomenal men and women of God and assist with church planting across the country. God has truly favored his ministry and caused his name to be spread abroad. He is a highly sought after minister of the Gospel who has been boldly fighting for social justice and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the power and demonstration in church services, news interviews and conferences across the United States. His unique style of preaching has reached beyond traditional barriers and touched the lives of many. Bishop Flournoy strive to set the standard and be an example to the community and represent the Kingdom by demonstrating spiritual integrity, maturity, and excellence. Bishop Flournoy maintains a passion for education, particularly among adolescents and young adults, and seeks to address their sexuality issues, as well as create strategies that reduce the negative consequences of early or irresponsible sexual involvement. He is the Founder of the Dream Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to provide an array of individual-level, group-level and community-level programs and services targeting youth and young adults in the community. Bishop Ra’Shawn is working on his first book entitled, “The Naked Truth”. Today his ecumenical messages have been heard on the far shores of South Africa and England.


List Of Services

Talk Therapy Individual

1 hour

One-on-one talk therapy session for emotional and mental release and clarity



1 hour

Talk therapy session covering conflict resolution and marital challenges



1 hour

Talk therapy session for emotional and mental release, behavior modification, adjustments to change, and self-esteem building



1 hour

Group talk therapy session covering conflict resolution, adjustments to change, and step-parenting challenges

Marital Services

Premarital Counseling

(4) 1 hr sessions

Exploratory and preparatory sessions to be completed before the date of the wedding ceremony

Legal Disclaimer


Dream Center Charlotte & Movement Church Charlotte utilizes methods of talk therapy that are holistic in nature with a direct focus on spirituality and mindfulness.  Such methods are not clinical by design nor practice and therefore, not regulated nor licensed by the state of North Carolina.  We are not nor do we claim to be a professional counseling practice as described by the NC Division of Professional & Occupational Licensing.  As such, our services are not covered by insurance.  For this reason, you will find our rates to be comparable to the average co-pay for similar professional services.  By scheduling an appointment, you  acknowledge the difference between the services we provide and those of licensed professional counselors and clinical therapists.